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Quingo Advice on Mobility Scooter Users and Alzheimer’s

The Quingo team fully understand the potential implications that Alzheimer’s may bring to mobility scooter users.

This blogpost aims to offer advice and information for both sufferers and their carers in order that sufferers can continue to use their mobility scooter safely and with confidence for as long as possible.


Alzheimer’s disease affects almost 500,000 people in the UK. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s include impaired thought, impaired speech, and confusion. The exact cause of the disease is unknown and work is on-going by numerous charities to help find a treatment and a cure.

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All Quingos are perfect shopping partners but how much can you safely carry?

All of us need to do our weekly shop and when using your Quingo to help out in this task it is important to be clear on what can and should be safely carried. Using the shopping basket on your Quingo gives you plenty of space for your shopping but being aware of the storage capacity of the basket will give you an indication of what you can safely take if you’re planning on doing a larger shop.

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Helpful information about the Government Blue Badge Scheme

Today the Quingo Scooters team want to talk about the ways you could benefit from the Government’s Blue Badge Scheme if you need to transport your Quingo by car.

What is the Blue Badge? Where can I get one?

The Blue Badge scheme provides a national range of parking concessions for people with limited mobility who have difficulty using public transport.


Holders of a Blue Badge will be able to park their vehicle closer to a destination, either as a driver or a passenger.

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Mobility Scooters and the Highway Code – Part 2

In the second part of a two-part series on the Highway Code and mobility scooters, Quingo take a closer look at what the Highway Code says about driving on the road.

In our last blogpost we talked about the difference between Class 2 and Class 3 vehicles as well as driving your Quingo on pavements.

Mobility scooters and the Highway Code: Driving on roads

When driving on the road the Highway Code states that Class 3 vehicles should drive in the direction of the traffic, whilst Class 2 users should always use the pavement in situations where it’s possible.

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