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Quingo Scooters Accessible Woodland Trails

As the days warm up and the weather improves, there is nothing better than getting out and about in the great British countryside. The UK’s forests and woodlands are wonderful at this time of the year, and the great news is that some of the best of them are also largely accessible to those of us using mobility scooters. So, with that in mind, here is Quingo Scooters guide to some of the best accessible woodland trails in the UK.

Haldon Forest Park, Devon

You really are spoiled for choice at Haldon Forest Park.

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Quingo Scooters Accessible Luxury Retreats

Sometimes we all just need to get away from it all to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. And while a cheap flight and a few day’s holiday somewhere can make a big difference, there’s nothing quite like going for it and really pampering yourself at a luxury retreat.

The great news is there are plenty of wonderful options here in the UK, and many of them cater to those of us with mobility needs. Here is Quingo Scooter’s guide to some of the very best accessible retreats in the country.

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Quingo Scooters Accessible Getaway Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a truly unique city. Its architecture is defined by the granite that gives it its nickname, and the culture of the place is very much wrapped up in the city’s long maritime history. Here is Quingo Scooters’ guide to Aberdeen, the hidden jewel of the north east of Scotland.

Enjoy the unique architecture of St Machar’s Cathedral

If there is one thing you’ll notice when you head to Aberdeen (apart from the wind), it’s the city’s stunning buildings. The city is largely built out of granite, and one of the most impressive buildings is the ancient St Machar’s Cathedral.

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Quingo Scooters Accessible Venues

The UK is blessed with a rich musical heritage, as well as plenty of wonderful venues in which to enjoy some of the world’s leading performers. The great news is that many of these venues are also very accessible for those of us who use a mobility scooter. So, here is Quingo Scooters’ guide to just a few of the best.

1. Brighton Centre, Brighton

This is a fantastic arts and music venue that has really put accessibility for all at the heart of everything it does.

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Quingo Scooters Accessible Spring Gardens

We are, without doubt, a nation of garden lovers. Last year alone, the British spent something in the region of £5 billion on their own gardens: and it seems we are just as passionate about visiting other people’s too.

With the recent warmer weather, there can be no better time to think about visiting one of the UK’s many stunning public gardens. There are some spectacular ones to visit, and most will now be beginning to burst with fresh green shoots and spring flowers as the weather improves.

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