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Quingo Advice on Mobility Scooter Users and Alzheimer’s

The Quingo team fully understand the potential implications that Alzheimer’s may bring to mobility scooter users.

This blogpost aims to offer advice and information for both sufferers and their carers in order that sufferers can continue to use their mobility scooter safely and with confidence for as long as possible.


Alzheimer’s disease affects almost 500,000 people in the UK. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s include impaired thought, impaired speech, and confusion. The exact cause of the disease is unknown and work is on-going by numerous charities to help find a treatment and a cure.

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Quingo User Takes Flyte

The Quingo team are always encouraging users to get out and about and visit interesting or unusual places on their mobility scooters.

We recently received a letter from John Allen telling us about his experience out and about on his Quingo Flyte in the Yorkshire Dales.

John’s letter read:

“I’ve recently come back from a holiday in the Dales and enclose some photos of the Quingo Flyte in action.

The first one is the Pennine Way down to Malham Cove.

Quingo user in malham

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Quingo Mobility Scooter User Bids Farewell to Vulcan Bomber

The Quingo team would like to share the feedback of a former pilot who recently took ownership of a brand new Quingo Air 2, and was so pleased he decided to tell us about his experience.

Former Pilot

Mr Watson used to fly Vulcan planes and was hoping to visit an airshow locally to say farewell to the soon-to-be retired aircraft. The Quingo team loaned Mr Watson a brand new Air 2 so he could attend the event and say goodbye.

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Quingo Unveil New Video for Air 2

To go with the brand new range of Quingo mobility scooters, the Air 2, Vitess 2 and the Toura 2, the team have released a new demonstration video showing how simple it is to dismantle and transport the new Quingo Air 2.

Fully Transportable

The new Quingo Air 2 features an ‘all-white’ design and includes a host of new safety and performance features, a new range extender option and an equally attractive new lower price point.

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Road tax and your Quingo

Today, the Quingo team want to outline some helpful information about road tax in relation to mobility scooters.

Do I need to pay vehicle tax to drive my Quingo?

You don’t have to pay vehicle tax for any mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, but you still need to register class 3 mobility scooters. If you drive a class 2 vehicle (such as the Quingo Flyte, Air, Compact or Classic) you don’t need to pay tax or register your vehicle.

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