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We’ll see you at the Mobility Roadshow 2016!

Quingo Scooters are happy to announce that we will once again be at the Mobility Roadshow this year, where you’ll be able to discover first hand the winning stability, agility and comfort of our mobility scooters.

The Mobility Roadshow is an event specifically for people seeking to regain or maintain independent mobility, and provides a place where you can get all the product and service information you need under one roof.  The Mobility Roadshow has been showcasing mobility innovation for over 30 years.

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Uber Offer uberASSIST – Improving Accessibility

Here at Quingo Scooters we’re passionate about finding new tools and discovering how they can make travelling with your mobility scooter that little bit easier.

Back in October last year, the increasingly popular taxi company Uber launched a new feature to their London services. uberASSIST is a ‘transport option to provide additional assistance for disabled riders and others with access needs, including those who may just feel more comfortable with an extra hand when getting from A to B at the tap of a button.’

Getting around the city can be a struggle for anyone, so it’s great to know that at the tap of an app you can relax knowing that your every need is being taken care of whilst travelling around the city.

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Disabled Access Day is on the Way!

Next month sees the return of Disabled Access Day; Quingo Scooters explains what it’s all about and what you can do to in order to take part in this incredible day on March 12.

The first ever Disabled Access Day took place last year on January 17th. It was a hugely successful with 11 countries and 261 venues taking part. The day enjoyed massive media exposure and was a great success in spreading the word! This success was thanks to all those people who took part and who helped spread the word and encouraged venues, organisations and charities in their area to get involved.

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Brand New, Safe & Affordable 5 Wheel Mobility for 2016!

Quingo Scooters are all about safe, comfortable, freedom combined with first class service, support and aftercare. It is this unique combination of innovative products and service that makes our customers’ journey such an enjoyable and rewarding one. It is also why our customer feedback from both our internal surveys and independent user feedback has been consistently rated at 100% for products and 99% for service for the last 12 months.

Providing value has always been at the centre of everything we do and to that end we have been working hard on a brand new way to offer safer mobility and even more value.

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The Red Wheelies Part 3: Having a Ball!

Last week on the Quingo Scooter User’s Blog we reflected back on some of the amazing achievements of the Red Wheelies.Today we wanted to take you back to August 2010, when the UK’s only Mobility Scooter Formation Display Team took to the stage of ITV’s ‘The Michael Ball Show’ to promote mobility scooter safety on their trusty Quingos.

It was early September when a full compliment of Red Wheelies turned up at Television Centre to appear with Michael Ball. They soon got into the swing of things with in depth interviews with the host and a representative from Norfolk police who discussed the challenges surrounding scooter safety in public areas.

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